Write a 5 page case study on a Critical Issue (Oral Health) in Public Health describing how you would identify and address the critical issue.

Oral Health

Write a 5 page case study on a Critical Issue (Oral Health) in Public Health describing how you would identify and address the critical issue.Document Preview: 

Case Study Format:
The following format must be used for case study!!
A. Introduction
The introduction is a brief summary of what the critical public health issue is. The introduction should identify how far along the case has progressed: what is being planned to address the critical issue. Has a plan been developed? What would you do to develop a plan as a public health professional? Has a plan been pilot-tested, implemented, or evaluated,? If so explain. If not, describe how you would do so.
B. Problem Statement 
B.1 The Institution. The problem statement begins with a brief description of the institution (size, location, governance, etc.)
B.2 The Situation. A narrative and brief analysis of the situation or the presenting problem follows. This deals specifically with the information needs and requirements of the institution, and describes the circumstances that make this a critical issue in public health.
C. Objectives: Desired Outcomes 
The statement of objectives describes what your chosen agency/institution is expecting to achieve through the information described in this case. This will most likely be directly linked to the critical issue described in the problem statement.
D. Approach 
In this section the details of the strategy of tackling your chosen critical public health issue and its implementation are described. How are/were financial resources of the institution allocated (or reallocated) to implement what you are doing to address this critical public health issue?
How are/were human resources allocated or reallocated? Were new positions created, or existing positions redefined? Were job descriptions rewritten? Were new duties assigned to existing staff?
Were/are any new policies/procedures developed?
E. Results 
In this section the outcomes of the information strategy are described. Some participants in the IWIS initiative have taken their work through to implementation and evaluation, others are in the planning stages, and still…



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