What connections can I make regarding the research into expert discussions

What connections can I make regarding the research into expert discussions.

What connections can I make regarding the research into expert discussions

Choose one (1) of the case studies below and address the two (2) associated questions. Your Assessment will be written in academic essay format with an introduction, body and conclusion. Using evidence specific to your chosen case study, address the following two (2) questions:
1. Describe the pathophysiology of the presenting complaint in the scenario (300-500 words) and link this to question 2. ?
2. Evaluation of the nurse?s role to deliver developmentally appropriate nursing care in relation to care of the child and family in the chosen case study including:
I. growth and developmental theories, ?
II. family centred care and, ?
III. the effects of hospitalisation of the child and family (1100-1300 words). ?

Steven is a 15-year-old indigenous boy who lives in a remote town in rural Australia. Steven was diagnosed with asthma at the age of two. His asthma has been well managed over the years predominantly with relievers and preventers with the occasional need for steroidal anti- inflammatory medication.
Steven has presented to the local hospital complaining of shortness of breath and relays to the triage nurse that he has a past history of asthma.
A health history taken by the triage nurse on arrival reveals that Steven has had a two-year history of smoking cigarettes and is not always compliant with his asthma medication or management plan.
Steven lives with his mother and his 6 brothers and sisters.

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atleast 16 primary reference from year 2011- 2016
1600 words case study
please see the attachment for case study and further assistance with assignment

The following is a guide to assist you in writing your essay.
Using the research, you have undertaken for your chosen scenario, discuss how the information will guide evidenced based Australian Nursing practice. This should a reference to: –
1. The pathophysiology of the presenting complaint in the scenario.
This section is science based and the expectation is that you have a pathophysiology text book and scientific journal articles to discuss the science related to the presenting problem in your chosen scenario. You should aim at 300-500 words for this section. The aim of this is that you attain knowledge of what is happening at a cellular, organ and system level so that you understand the presenting clinical manifestations
2. Evaluation of the nurse?s role in relation to nursing care of the child and family in the chosen scenario; which should include a reference to: –
i. growth and developmental theories,
This part of the assessment task is concerned with ensuring the essay has a child and adolescent focus. Throughout the essay discussion, it is expected that you make reference to the child?s expected developmental milestones at that age, depending on which scenario you have chosen. It is expected that growth and development research is undertaken for your chosen scenario and you make reference to growth and developmental theories that you think are relevant in enhancing your essay argument. Some ideas include things like, at what age do you include a child in medical related conversation, how does a child/adolescent make decisions based on their developmental level, and even through your pathophysiology, you can make mention of underdeveloped organ systems that might influence your nursing care.
ii. developmentally appropriate care;
This part is a follow on from discussing the growth and developmental expected milestones of the child and really focuses on how it influences your care. How does a nurse provide developmentally appropriate care to the specific age presented in your scenario inclusive of the presenting complaint?
iii. family centred care and,
Neonatal/paediatric and adolescent nurses provide a family centred care model. It is important that this is reflected in your essay and may bring forward issues of consent, compliance and child presentation into care. How are siblings are affected, the role of the extended family, cultural influences and whatever may be specific to the scenario.
iv. Reference to the hospitalised child and family.
This part follows on from the family centred care component where it is important to understand the effects of a child?s presentation to services particularly in a hospital setting on not only the child but the whole family.
All of the above points should be in reference to how your nursing care will be guided in a paediatric setting.
As a guide only I have provided the following general essay information.
The assessment task is 1600 words.
Paragraph and Essay Structure
An essay includes an introduction, body and conclusion.
1. The introduction should provide the reader with a framework for the essay and
what will be discussed. Sometimes it?s easier to write the introduction last or after you have
completed outlining what you will be discussing. (Approximately 100 words)
2. The pathophysiology ? as discussed above. (Approximately 300-500 words)
3. The body of the essay is the crux of your discussion and will consume the bulk of your words. Your paragraph structure is important to note as follows: –
? ? Each paragraph should have an introductory and concluding statement.
? ? Each paragraph should have a direct connection with the one prior and one after it. This allows the essay to flow.
4. Theconclusionshouldprovideasummaryofthekeypointspresentedintheessay.
(Approximately 100 words)
5. The definitions used in your essay should only use academic references (not online dictionaries)
6. It is important to note that this is an academic essay and should be written in the third person.
7. There are no minimum requirements for the number of sources you use however as a general guideline an academic paper can have 1 source per hundred words.
8. In regards to the currency of the references, it is generally expected that sources are within 5 years published age. However, if you have sourced a reference that is older than this you must demonstrate how it is relevant in your writing.
Finally defining what we mean by the following:
ANALYSIS ? What do the experts state regarding the topic? Here you present the research you
have undertaken and looking at different perspectives.
SYNTHESIS ? What connections can I make regarding the research into expert discussions
EVALUATION ?What conclusion do I come to after presenting the arguments based on my analysis and synthesis?




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What connections can I make regarding the research into expert discussions


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