Treatment Approach


Submit a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:

  • Briefly describe the two individuals whom you selected from the scenarios.
  • Explain how you would apply a biopsychosocial-spiritual treatment approach to each individual.
  • Explain how addiction impacts the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well being of each individual differently.
  • Explain how these differences might influence treatment approaches.

Assignment Scenarios: Treatment Approach      Scenario #1

Amy is a 53‐year‐old married Caucasian female with two children, ages 15 and 17. Amy is being assessed  for her alcoholism. She reports drinking socially since college where she met her husband. She has a  solid career as a top agent in her field, and she and her husband have provided a financially secure home  for their family. She has not had quality time with her husband due to their rotating work schedules and  numerous kids’ activities.     Amy reports drinking with co‐workers several times a week. She says that it is “part of the job.” She is  finding it increasingly difficult to keep up her schedule at work, parenting, domestic chores, and having  time for life outside of work and parenting.     Amy continues to drink each evening after work and often wakes up on the couch in the middle of the  night after passing out. She finds herself frequently bickering with her husband and believes her children  do not want to spend time with her anymore. Each morning it is more difficult to get up and get ready  for work.     Amy also reports struggling with friendships, especially with women. She reports not having anyone to  confide in or feel supported by. Her mother frequently tells her to “pray” and it makes her angry and  more resentful. Her childhood was challenging and has left her angry at the concept of a “God.” Wine  has become her best friend and way to cope with the struggles at work, home, and within.  She reports  feeling trapped and believes it will not get better.      Scenario #2    Bill is a 25‐year‐old single African American male presenting for an assessment for driving under the  influence and possession of cocaine. He was pulled over while speeding and the police officer smelled  alcohol on his breath. The client was defensive and was subsequently arrested for attempting to flee  from the scene. Cocaine was later found in his car. He was booked in the county jail for driving under the  influence, possession of cocaine, and fleeing the scene of a crime.     Bill’s father left when he was a child. Bill was the oldest of four children and was given much of the  responsibility to care for his siblings while his mother worked. He was also a witness to domestic abuse  by his father. He was often scared for his life when his parents fought. Bill reports being unable to trust  adult men since his father left.


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