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Statistics homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Bill Cosby legal allegations and laws that apply to and affect this situation. It needs to be at least 1500 words.Several women have accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them by use of drugs. The list has grown to13 plaintiffs with the latest being the two plaintiffs interviewed in Philadelphia and People magazines. The women that have claimed to be sexually assaulted by Cosby have grown to be more than 20 in number.The right to privacy holds that no person should experience not logical interference in his life. This right protects one’s privacy, correspondence, home, reputation, and honor. The law, therefore, should ensure the protection against such attacks or interferences. Bill Cosby has made efforts to see that his right to privacy is protected (Noorani 802).Bill Cosby has used his right of expression to protect his privacy in the cases of sexual assault. He has used this right to react to the accusers’ allegations by showing that they are liars. Bill Cosby’s act has aimed to gain and control the sympathy of the public and judicial process. He has painted the accusers as individuals who have hidden agendas of defaming him. This is by spoiling his reputation and honor that he has worked for long to gain. His act of doing this in the media is a technique that he uses to amplify his voice (Scocca).Bill Cosby has also used his right of self-defense to protect his privacy in the sexual assault accusation cases. For example, his lawyers’ call for dismissal of the defamation cases filed by the three women is an act of privacy protection. The lawyers argue the Cosby branding the women liars does not meet the defamation threshold. Bill’s statements were of self-defense, which is a privilege that should be provided to all the accused. In contrary, it is in Cosby’s rights to make self- defense utterances. According to his lawyers, the defamation claim on the act of self-defense will be a set of double standards. Hobson’s Choice supports the right of publicly denying the

Statistics homework help


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