Question 22 options:



is the human disaster that follows armed conflict like war and civil strife causing forced migration.

Question 23 


Question 23 options:


is a collaboration of 120+ existing institutions that pools resources for rapid identification, confirmation, and response to outbreaks.

Question 24 


The lead cluster agency responsible for international response for health after an emergency is

Question 24 options:


Question 25 


What is the reservoir for pertussis in countries with high vaccination coverage?

Question 25 options:

  wild rodents
  domestic pets
  nonimmunized children and older individuals with waning immunity

Question 26 


The severity of a complex emergency is based on the crude mortality rate. A very serious emergency is defined as

Question 26 options:

  >1 death per 10,000 people per day
  >2 death per 10,000 people per day
  >5 death per 10,000 people per day
  >10 death per 10,000 people per day

Question 27 


The following factors all contribute to the increased malaria burden in affected populations in a complex emergency:

Question 27 options:

  exposure due to poor or absent housing
  a population that has been displaced from a non-malarious area
  All answers are factors
  weakened immunity because of multiple infections and malnutrition





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