Quality care

Quality care helps improve patient safety; therefore, it is important for medical personnel to provide the best of care possible. When employees fail to work at a 100% they jeopardize the safety and well-being of the patient. Mistakes in the workplace can become catastrophic and create more problems. Lawsuits are a big threat to the health care industry and by reducing this problem; we have improved the quality of care provided to the patients. One example of the relationship between quality and patient safety is hospital cleanliness. Patients seek treatment because he or she is ill and need help. Well these illnesses can potentially spread to other patients and staff, if employees fail to properly sanitize patient’s rooms or waiting areas they jeopardize the safety of others. The quality of work can endanger others if not properly executed the first time; therefore, the spreading of infections can be reduced if it was properly sanitized from the beginning. Nursing homes are major contributor to this problem and The Center for Patient Safety is implementing quality measures for nursing homes to help reduce this problem. The implementation of survey inspections, quarterly electronic reporting system, and Five-Star Quality Rating System are just a few changes expected for nursing homes to implement in 2015 (Miller, 2014). If a health care facility does not implement quality measure than they can potentially risk a patient’s safety.


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