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Physics homework help. Write 7 pages thesis on the topic genre report on road movies. The movie was written by a female which is why their characters are shown as strong and powerful. The movie shows a bold and courageous road journey completed by the two women showing their friendship and hardships that they had to face because they were women. Many of the audience agreed that this film showed the bravery and power of women that had not been exposed so openly before. The reason why it was shocking and pleasing for the audience to watch is because the road genre movies were mainly shot with male characters in accordance to their position in the society. Society at that time had the concept of male dominance and males being more powerful than females. Road trips require high energy and courage to be fulfilled as they cover long distances on roads without proper sleep or food. In this movie the female characters were shown in a new position where they set off on a road trip all alone and faced the several problems boldly. In fact the film shows how these females were attacked on the most sensitive issue related to women which is rape. The film shows that one of the characters was about to be raped when the other shot the person who was attempting to rape. The two friends then escape to Mexico but later find out that the American police are searching for them. The film shows a new face of the road movie genre that the audience had not seen before. This movie clearly shows the bold and powerful perception about women of the writer and director. Little Miss Sunshine is another movie that was released in 2006 and shows a family road trip. The movie is comedy and it contains humour from the start till the end. A family comedy on a road movie is a unique combination as all the movies about road trips are usually focusing on young men travelling across any country or in the case of Thelma & Louise two women travelling. The history of the road movie genre shows that the genre shows a particular culture where a small group of young friends usually set off to explore places or their lives. Little Miss Sunshine was a surprising movie which shook the audience with its unique combination. The movie broke all the stereotypes for road movies which were the themes of bachelor’s party, or vacations or any other leisure purpose. This movie had a different theme which was based on a beauty pageant competition in which the 7 year old girl was selected. The competition was west to California where they had to drive to reach in time. The journey took place in a VW bus with all the members of the dysfunctional family. All the members of the family were facing some problem or the other because of which the mother did not want to leave any one behind. The road trip disclosed many of the emotional aspects such as life and death, rejection, loneliness and the feeling of belonging. all with the never stopping punches of humour. The expectations that the audience and critics have from the road movies are the themes of the development of the journey, characters and purpose. The most important aspect is the development of the journey since the journey is what directly connects to the purpose of the road trip. The audience is most interested to connect the characters, their purpose and their journey till they reach their destination.

Physics homework help


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