Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework help. You just completed an answer for me regarding Psy 870: Problem Set 5. I had to deny your answer because the instructor of the course indicated that some of the instructions were wrong. The third bullet in question #4 was incorrect. There were 3 errors. The correct instructions are: 1. You don’t need to create the Case ID variable to run this analysis. If you wanted to you could create the syntax, “COMPUTE caseid=$CASENUM.” using the “TRANSFORM” tab as a point of departure, or entered directly into a syntax file.2. “Country” is not the IV. You are to enter the 3 dependent variables where it requests “independents.”3. Enter “Country” or “caseid” into the “Dependent” line.Can you redo the assignment with that change in the instructors. Since this was an error on my part I will either increase my price by $15 (total of $40) or tip you the extra $15. Please let me know how you wish to proceed. Thanks!Anxiety and CountryThis study examined differences in anxiety level between an industrial country and a nonindustrial country. Anxiety is assessed three ways—cognitive, affective, and…

Philosophy homework help


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