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Philosophy homework help. Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on The government is proposing to introduce penalty duties of 30% on all manufactured imports where the importer fails to prove that the producer is reducing its carbon emissions by at least 3% per year. It needs to be at least 3750 words. The plan will affect the lives of the general public in terms of costs of commodities in the local markets and loss of jobs. Economically, the amount of imported goods will decrease and trade balance might shift to the exports. There are scholars who have come up with better proposals that the government should go through and determine which one is most viable.The proposed plan has its pros and cons but the pros outweigh the setbacks. It is in everyone’s best interest to fight global warming at any cost. The government should look into providing compensations to the affected bracket of the citizens by the proposal. There should also be tax cuts introduced if the proposed plan takes effect. The government should also provide incentives to business firms to reduce emission of carbon.The British government has been working on reducing air pollution for decades. Environmentalists have made sure that the government keeps on its toes on the issue of emissions especially from manufacturing plants within the country. Emission of carbon and other gases that pollute the air and consequently contribute to the rise in global warming are being discouraged. To address this, the government has devised incentives that will ensure that local manufacturing industries adhere to the newly drafted emissions law. Companies are required to purchase permits from the required authorities according to their level of emissions.Global warming is a global issue hence the British government in conjunction with other countries worldwide has engaged in talks on the most feasible way to tackle emissions. It is during these talks that the participants devised a strategic plan that will ensure that every individual and company observes the requirements of emissions.

Philosophy homework help


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