Personal Traits and Qualities

Personal Traits and Qualities

Demonstrates personal traits/behaviors consistent with the core values of the hospital. Must be self-directed/self-motivated; must have good communication and interpersonal skills; must be flexible; must have good critical thinking/decision making skills and must have good understanding of systems and change processes. Must be able to: perform a variety of duties often changing from one task to another of a different nature without loss of efficiency or composure; accept responsibility for the direction, control and planning of an activity; make evaluations and decisions based on measurable or verifiable criteria; work independently; recognize the rights and responsibilities of patient confidentiality; convey empathy and compassion to those experiencing pain, physical or emotional distress, and /or grief; relate to others in a manner that creates a sense of teamwork and cooperation; communicate effectively with people from every socioeconomic, cultural, and educational background; exhibit flexibility and cope effectively in an ever-changing, fast-paced healthcare environment; perform effectively when confronted with emergency, critical, unusual and/or dangerous situations; demonstrate the quality work ethic of doing the right thing the right way; and maintain a customer focus and strive to satisfy the customer’s perceived needs.

Working Conditions

Primarily inside environment protected from the weather but not necessarily temperature changes. Subject to exposure to combative patients, possible hazardous materials/conditions/equipment, infection and, contagious diseases on the unit. Variable noise levels and frequent viewing of a video display terminal. Also subject to a rapid pace, multiple stimuli, unpredictable environment, and critical situations.


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