Law homework help

Law homework help. Read the paragraph. Identity the run on sentences and write the complete correct paragraph in the space provided below. Make sure to use correct punctuation such as capitalization and full stops. Although penguins look clumsy on land. They are graceful in the water. Their bodies are perfectly suited for swimming and diving. They a streamlined torpedo shape. Their wings are shaped like flippers penguins use them to propel themselves through the water at speeds up to 30 miles per hour. Use their webbed feet to steer. Most penguins can even swim like porpoises.Leaping out of the water to breathe and then diving back in with one graceful motion. Penguins frequently need to dive deep to catch prey. Sometimes descending to depths of over a thousand feet. The water pressure can be great enough to collapse lungs. Penguins special air chambers in their bodies. When a penguin dives, the chambers squeeze, air is forced into the lungs. The extra air keeps the lungs from collapsing. The chilly waters that penguins prefer would be too cold for most birds, penguins are insulated by waterproof feathers and a thick layer of fat. Penguins more than make up for being awkward on land. By being perfectly suited for the water.5 poi

Law homework help


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