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Languages homework help. Need help with my writing homework on The Changing Role of Online Advertising in the Mass Media. Write a 3250 word paper answering; This point of view was confirmed with a general opinion expressed in BBC News in 2006 that print and TV media are not able to meet current marketing needs, which could be satisfied with online resources. It can be explained by the low cost of internet advertising and by the fact that now when people spend much time on the internet, internet advertising can be used not only for an internet business but for any kind of business (Walters 2009). Globalization and integration of markets speed up the development of new, transnational advertising frameworks. Countries, which used to be isolated from the rest of the world, can no longer resist the pressure of information and communication interventions. The concept of taste has been vividly discussed and explored since the 18th century. Currently, modern viewers feel a great distance between their objects of admiration and the way producers or marketers have developed their creative strategies. A position of a modern audience is the position of an individual experienced in the estrangement. The given paper will prove that online advertising did not become less valuable during the last decade, but its role and the purpose of its application was changed greatly.It is commonly accepted that the history of internet advertising originated in far away 1991 when CERN presented their brainchild – World Wide Web in Switzerland (Abbate 1999). Firstly, the internet was exploited by grassroots around 1994, when such companies as AT&T, MCI, Sprint, and Volvo asked HotWired& develop online ads for their sites (Singel 2010). However, the practice was not very popular, because the online connection was pretty slow, internet resources were not developed, which caused serious inconveniences. At the end of 1994 Roy Schwedelson, one of the first promoters of internet usage for commercial goals gave a speech about online marketing possibilities at the Information Superhighway conference in order to stimulate more agencies to exploit the Web for advertisement goals.In January 1995 Prodigy firstly put their online site on a commercial base for the subscribers. Soon, such companies as MCI, Air Walk, and Jim Beam followed their example.

Languages homework help


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