Labor Market Research

Labor Market Research 
In the first chapter of the text we discussed the 10 principles of economics. Two principles that 
help explain how wages are determined in a market economy are #1, People Face Tradeoffs, and 
#7, Governments Can Sometimes Improve Market Outcomes (Mankiw, 2004). Consider these 
principles when completing your assignment. Think of how they apply to the labor market for 
· Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum 
· Research the labor market for any state to determine how nursing wages are calculated. 
Use the Internet for this research. 
· Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in APA format, in which you: 
o Cite the state (Ohio) and the URL of the Web site used in your research. 
o Address which factors may influence the supply and demand for nurses. 
o Discuss how a nurse’s pay is determined and how the salary is structured. 
o Discuss what your chosen state can do to increase the supply of nurses. 
o Include at least one appropriately cited and documented quotation to support a point. 
o Include at least one appropriately cited and documented paraphrase to support a 
· Post your paper as a Microsoft© Word attachment.


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