Importance of ethics in research

Importance of ethics in research

In UK, the nursing claims to be evidence-based approach to professionalism, consistent with the requirement that the student nurses methods of research in registration studies, in a way that they can meet the competency within the midwifery and nursing council. The practices are imperative in that they are written as authoritarian standard. The regulatory measures may suggest that they represent an orthodox view as a professional based on fully appraised evidence. Where the intentional rounding is presented by the organizations, fulfilling the standards is problematic. Ethics is imperative in research in that the paper discussed have been identified by limited database through citation tracking since the aim is to evaluate it in a manner in which the evidence has been presented and utilized. In addition, this principally requires engagement with the submitted papers.

There are various critiques that are made about the study. There is no randomization of the units into the arms of the study. In essence, ethics helped the hospital in undertaking the allocation in consultation with the principal investigators. It is not suggested that there is anything wrong to fund the arrangement, but rather it is suggested that despite the acknowledgment, the funders of the study have a financial interest in the article findings.


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