Economics for a sustainable world

LB5229 Business Study Report

Introduction (5%)

Introduces the reader to the report about what the report is about and what they can expect to get out of the report

The business and its competitive environment (20%)

Provides an overall description of the business and the competitive environment in which it operates

include the following:

Business description (name, location, business type, and products) (2.5%)

Identification of customers and competitors (who and where) (2.5%)

Estimation of market share (5%)

Identification of market structure and justification (10%)

Microeconomic analysis (15%)

Examines the required factors of production and analyses its cost structure

include the following:

Identification of required factors of production (5%)

Classification and analysis of fixed and variable costs (5%)

Cost structure analysis (5%)

Macroeconomic analysis (30%)

Analyses the macroeconomic environment in which the business operates and discusses how it should make use of the environment for business success

include the following:

Description and analysis of the macroeconomic environment and its changes (political stability, exchange rate, inflation, interest rate, unemployment, booming or otherwise) (15%)

Prediction and analysis of likely changes in the macro environment and implications on the business (15%)

Sustainability practice (15%)

Evaluates the impact of business operations on the environment

include the following:

Identification of externalities and mitigating measures (production) (5%)

Identification of externalities and mitigating measures (consumption) (5%)

Evaluation of the impact on long-term business viability (5%)

Conclusion (5%)

Concludes the report succinctly with business implications clearly spelled out


Quality of writing, overall (10%)


spelling, referencing, and layout


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