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Earth Sciences homework help. Need help with my writing homework on APPLY THE LEARNING CURVE THEORY. Write a 500 word paper answering; Applying the learning curve theory: Applying the learning curve theory This particular paper tries to describe the six sigma techniques and tools. The six sigma techniques and tools contain the ability of performing the analysis of cost and benefit. It is also capable of quantifying deliverables in meaningful terms to an organization, for instance, safety, cycle time, and cost improvements. Moreover, it is capable of overcoming and identifying obstacles to work and progress within operational, budget and time constraints. Lastly, it focuses on learning curve that acts as a powerful tool ensuring the profitability and efficiency of the enterprise. The curve helps an organization to tune it finely from all directions. If an organization has the knowledge of handling the entire process, it can make informed decisions. The simulation describes the opening of a Pizza store by Mario in Palm Springs which was situated I a mall where there was potentiality to succeed and make profits as there was traffic of customers. Mario although faced many challenges of customer dissatisfaction. The dissatisfaction moved to an extent that most customers left the store without purchasing due to waiting for a very long time. What Mario should therefore aim is the retention of the old customers and getting more new consumers of his product. For the goals to be achieved there are changes or alternatives that should be employed by Mario. Mario is required to reduce the time customers use in waiting. The time should be cut down from nine minutes. Mario also have to balance their demand of service and provide appropriate service to the clients. If this can be rectified Mario’s business would be profitable. As Mario has a small business the learning curve can be very profitable and helpful to him. The process they use can adapt concepts of the learning curve in very many ways. The learning curve has been removed from the chronological observation that people who do recurring roles exhibit a development in task performance in many times. The empirical studies of this occurrence give rise to three conclusions based on current practice and theory. The period required to carry out a role diminishes with the repeat of the task. The quantity of development has adequate consistency to let its function as a tool of prediction (Hugh J. R et al, 2012)In the simulation a process data of performance was compiled. There was the choice to change cooks, staff, 4 person and 2 person tables to have to give the maximum service without interfering with the profits. WeekTables for twoTables for fourWork StaffTotal Cost per DayProfitsUtilization %Utilization % dollars dollars3-484.997.12 Cooks4 Servers2,2191,4195-680.289.62 Cooks4 Servers2,2321,6867-8 77.683.13 Cooks5 Servers3,0102,062The table above shows how the profit goes up every time and the clients get satisfied and are ready to come to the store and use money. This is the right alternative that the store must adapt. The accurate table numbers and the correct employee numbers make profitable and easy day. Ultimately Mario’s present process is better by all standards although should be up to date to serve their clients and guarantee high profits. The major organization’s role is to be profitable and succeed in achieving their targets. Therefore, many changes have been done to the simulation to enable the store be successful and make the business grow and thrive and keep all clients satisfied and get profit as well. ReferenceHugh J. R, John T. P and Leonard B, 2012. Simulation in Radiology.

Earth Sciences homework help


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