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Biology homework help. Write 4 page essay on the topic 4.How do the Homeric epics, the Illiad and the Odyssey differ from each other in their depiction of Greek culture and values.n of vices and goodness, strength and weakness, and betrayals and friendships yet all these aspects of human life amalgamate in a manner that each aspect provides the readers with a variety of moral lessons to be learned. Homer in both of his works applies the same phenomenon and deals with two paradoxical situations and presents the readers with two highly contrasting scenarios although both the works project the some good and bad values and culture of the same Greek society. Homer utilizes the plot, setting, character and their actions as a tool in order to depict two different personal interpretations of the Greek society and its culture and values.Homer’s epic Iliad is based on the War of Troy. This piece of literature deals with warfare, bloodshed and revenge. The poem depicts a tale of a war that is fought between Greek King Agamemnon and the Trojans. Homer in his depiction of the whole scenario of the war incorporates and explores a variety of aspects of Greek values and culture. These aspects include greed, pride and deception.Greed and lust are two of the major seven sins that exist in this world. Consequently the Greek society was also engulfed in these sins and a common practice of these vices was also observed amongst portrayal of various characters in Greek Literature. Homer also assimilates this concept in his poem and presents the adverse and fatalistic affects of practicing such vices through the condition of the Greek troops when Achilles refuses to fight for Agamemnon. The reason behind this was because of Agamemnon’s desire to Briseis who was awarded to Achilles. Hence the greed and desire of Agamemnon leads to Achilles refusal and consequently the Greeks lose a large number of their warriors in the beginning.Through Achilles character Homer depicts another vice that was common in Greek Society i.e. Pride. So it can be perceived that the reason for the loss of a large number of The Achaean men and the death of Achilles closest friend

Biology homework help


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